Wanted – Room-mates!


Candace DeeringI’m Candace Deering, I’m 17 years old and my mother Katelyn is the owner of our homey little shack on Venice Beach. 

Actually it’s going to be pretty amazing when the remodeling is finished, but right now it’s kind of ugly, all covered in building stuff and inside it’s all plastic sheeting and semi-plastered walls. 

Photos and more information on the house and gallery page.

Looking forward to the applications!

Also, I’m emancipated. Yeah, I should probably have started with that…

UPDATE- applications now closed.


Application Received

Paolo King

My name is Paolo King, my mom is Italian-Scottish and my dad is American; a mix of German, English and Norwegian. I’m sixteen years old and my main thing is that I play tennis. Read More …

Application Received

Application Received

Lucy Long

Hello I’m Lucy, I’m seventeen years old and I grew up in Claremont, CA. My mother works at one of the private colleges there. Read More …

Application Received

Maya Soto

Saludos, amigos. My name is Maya, I’m 15 and I attend Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School for Girls. Read More …

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