Candace Deering

More about meeee! Well, to start with, I’m emancipated. Yay, freedom!

I’m originally from California but about six years ago my dad moved to San Antonio, Texas. We lived there with my stepmom, Tina, and her four kids. Grace, Andy, Adrian and Adam. (Really. It would get confusing but at least they’re all in different school grades.)

My mother Katelyn lives in Malibu with her lover (her word. I KNOW!), Jarvis Adler. Maybe you’ve heard of him, he has some famous art in famous museums. Not paintings; the other kind of art – installations. He made me be in one once, when I was fifteen. I had to sit in a corner with a fireman suit on, surrounded by soot. No, I don’t know what it meant, either.

I’m an actor. I was in a Shakespeare youth theater company between the ages of 12 and 16. I adore Shakespeare! And anyone that has a problem with that is a misbegotten, fly-bitten wretch! (I especially love the cussing!)

When I was thirteen I did a commercial for Guess jeans and since then I’ve been dreaming about being a movie star. I know. It’s an impossible dream – don’t worry – I’ve heard it all before. But also, you know what? You don’t know what’s possible until you really, really try. And that’s why I moved to LA.

My step-sister Grace and I are looking to share a house with the four most wonderful human beings in LA between the ages of 15 and 18. Step forward. It might just be YOU.Emancipated Candace

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