Grace Deering

Hi – I’m Grace, stepsister to Candace, and my mom is the reason that her dad moved to San Antonio. So when Candace tries to pass herself off as a Texan, y’all remember – I’m the genuine article, y’hear? (I’m kidding. I don’t talk that way. I hardly ever talk that way.)

I’m sixteen years old, also emancipated. Hobbies – I’m into reading, TV, beach volleyball. Also interested in human rights, specifically, prisoners on death row. It might surprise you to know that a good ol’ Texas gal like me is super, super anti the death penalty. Seriously I think it’s one of the most shameful disgusting things about this country of ours. That we lock people up for years and years, with this horrible, terrible thing hanging over their heads. Anyhow, I’m something of an anti-death penalty activist.

Unlike my step-sister Candace I have absolutely zero idea of what I want to do or be. Hopefully I’ll get into a good college, probably major in literature and then? We’ll see.

Emancipated Grace


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