The house – a gallery

OK so – the house.

Rooms – the house has three bedrooms. One has three beds, one has two, and the third bedroom is a single. The more people you have to share with, the cheaper the rent – it’s a simple equation.

I’m in the double, and I’m looking for a female room-mate. You’ll need to be cool with me getting up early, because I’m hoping to get a job in TV or movies, so I’ll probably have a bunch of early starts. Aside from that, I’m not too fussy. If I HAD to choose I’d prefer to share with a slob than a neat freak, but somewhere in the middle of the spectrum would suit me best, tbh.

Bathrooms – we share. There’s one on each floor and it’s going to be first come, first served. No whining, please. If you like to spend three days in there then get used to waking up real, real early.

No photos of the rooms yet either, but I’ve been busy on Homestyler and made some 3D panoramic images of what the rooms will look like when they’re done. You can also check out the image gallery below. (It’s way more fun than actually remodeling, btw).

Katelyn (Mom) ordered some of the furniture and bed linen from the same catalog that Homestyler uses. Which means that I’m hoping that the house ends up looking as great as it does in the 3D panoramas.

I’ve included a photo of a house in Santa Monica that was built by the same company, so you can kind of get the picture of the outside etc. We’ve got an outside spiral staircase, just like theirs. I even asked for it to be painted the same colour 😛

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