John-Michael Weller

Hello. I’m John-Michael Weller, I’m 17, but I’m in 10th grade because I kind of skipped most of the last year of school. My dad and I – well let’s just say that we didn’t see eye-to-eye. I wound up leaving home and living the life of a happy wanderer, ha ha.

I grew up in Carlsbad, CA, but moved to LA during the past year, working in conference centers and hotels and generally in the hospitality trade. My dad passed away a little while ago, so I’ve been dealing with the fallout of all that, legal stuff and all. I have independent income from what my dad left me, so rent is not an issue. I’m a great cook, love to bake, I’m addicted to the Great British Bake-Off TV show, when I get a chance to see it.

I also have a car, which could be useful for other people in the house, and I’m happy to give rides. I play the guitar a little, like all kinds of music, from punk to pop and sometimes even boy-bands. 😛

I’m all alone now (yeah, feel sorry for me!), so to be truthful, I think I’m looking for someplace that I could learn to call home. Friends are very important to me. I lost most of mine when I moved away from Carlsbad. It’s definitely time to make new ones. Hope you pick me, Candace!

Emancipated John-Michael

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