Lucy Long

Hello I’m Lucy, I’m seventeen years old and I grew up in Claremont, CA. My mother works at one of the private colleges there. My dad works in the US government in Washington DC. My brother Lloyd is a med student at UCLA, which is why I was allowed to move to LA. I’m emancipated, but Lloyd is around in case I ever need the big brother treatment. I go to school at Our Lady of Mercy, which is an all-girls Catholic school, just like where I was at school in Claremont.

I guess my main and only interest is music. I’m looking to get into a band, or maybe start one of my own. I play guitar and also keyboards, but mainly lead guitar. I’ll probably be practicing quite a lot, but I can play acoustic sometimes, to keep the noise level down. My guess is that once I start working with a band I’ll be out of the house rehearsing, recording and hopefully performing.

I’m not a complicated person. I love music and I aim to make it the center of my life. I love beach life, but not really sports. Mostly just watching people and dreaming up a new song.

Emancipated Lucy

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