Maya Soto

Saludos, amigos. My name is Maya, I’m 15 and I attend Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School for Girls. My parents have just moved back to Mexico City on account of dad’s job at a pharmaceutical company. But since my mother’s sister lives and works in LA, and my parents being eager for me to go to college in the USA, they decided to let me carry on living here. My Aunty Marilu will be around to look out for me.

Basically I’m kind of a geek. I like to play computer games and watch gamers on YouTube. Lately I’ve been learning how to write apps for Android. If you need a housemate with expertise in Java then look no further. I’m pretty handy with computers in general, and more than willing to help out with any tech snafus with the Wifi or whatever.

After high school? Well, I’ve still got almost four years to go, but I’m hoping to get into a good computer science programs, ideally in California so I can stay close to Silicon Valley. My parents, however, aren’t all that cool with the plan. They think in the future, computer programming is all going to be done in India and the Philippines and whatever.

In the house I’d be quiet like a MOUSE. Seriously, I’m a shadow. You’d barely even notice me in the corner, tapping away at my laptop. But I’m also into generalised hanging out. Also – I know how to fix really GREAT Mexican food! So pick me!Emancipated Maya

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