Paolo King

My name is Paolo King, my mom is Italian-Scottish and my dad is American; a mix of German, English and Norwegian. I’m sixteen years old and my main thing is that I play tennis. It’s pretty much the reason I had to get emancipated. Dad got a job with a mining company in Mexico and they moved out there, to this totally remote little town in Sonora, which would have pretty much sucked for my tennis career. So I stayed here in LA.

I work some afternoons and weekends at the Malibu Lawn Tennis Country Club. I train with the other pro tennis players, which means that pretty much, I’m there most of the time.

If you ever need a tennis coach, I’m your guy.

I’m clean and neat – honestly! However – I never shared a room in my life and I’m not sure I’d be a good room-mate. Not gonna lie, athletes sweat a bunch and I’m not the type to do laundry every day. If it’s OK with everyone else I’d like to get the single room. Trust me – your noses will thank you if ever approach my laundry pile!

I think I’d be a good housemate, I’m easy-going, I like to watch tennis (obviously) and funny TV shows like Two and Half Men, How I Met Your Mother and even older stuff like Seinfeld. But mainly, when it comes to TV, I’m easy. We can watch tennis, or we can watch what you want to watch.

Oh – I drive a Malibu Chevy I go to Van Buren High School and I’m totally flex about giving housemates rides if you’re even vaguely on my route.

Life ambitions? That’s easy. Tennis megastar. Or lawyer. Right now it’s looking more like one that the other. A lot more. When I know you better I’ll tell you which one.

Emancipated Paolo

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